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Please fill in following form to get registered with Tutors Home. Kindly note that partially filled forms and multiple submissions of the same form will be ignored and will lead to registration cancellation. If you are already registered with us and have some query please do send email at info@tutorshome.org

All Fields are mandatory. Incomplete applications will be rejected.
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Please read our terms mentioned on right column of this page. Photographs and other documents will be demanded from short listed candidates through separate emails at later stage. For any related query you may send email at our official email address.

Agreed with Tutors Home Terms and Conditions.

Our General Terms and conditions for appointment as a Tutor.
1. The processing fee for Tutor registration will be Rs.1000 (Refundable*/mandatory).

2. You will have to maintain decent and graceful relation with student and his/her family as expected from a teacher.

3. You will not violate any social and Islamic norm and will maintain only Teacher-Student relationship.

4. Fee/Dues will be decided by Tutors Home with your consultation.

5. You will have to pay 30% share of 1st month fee as service charges (if tuition is for One month), 40% share (if tuition is for Two months) and 50% share (if tuition is for more than two months).

6. You will have to pay also 10% share per month if tuition fee is above Rs. 20,000/- (if duration is more than two months).

7. First two days will be given as trial class to student. If they are not satisfied with your teaching method/style then you will discontinue and will not demand any charges for trial class.

8. You will give/dedicate time to the student as it is decided at the start of assignment (i.e. No of days in a week, No of hours daily and timings).

9. You will not get off/leave by your own from the decided assignment. If you have some emergency you will have to inform student/parents in advance. We expect the regularity and punctuality from you.

10. If you take or avail more than one leave in a month from the assignment then it will be deducted from your monthly fee. If you avail leaves without informing the Tutors Home or parents your assignment can also be cancelled and you will not be entitled for current month fee.

11. If your assignment is cancelled due to violation of terms and conditions you will not be eligible for on-going month fee.

NOTE: Tuition fee of first month will be received by TutorsHome from parents.

Updated : October 2016


  Management Information System  
    We have a data base of highly experienced teachers and are fulfilling the needs of Parents / Students by providing them tutors after checking their track records , educational backgrounds , documentation and experience in relevant subjects. We prefer to retain our quality tutors and students. If you have any problem with the tutors we provide , you can fill in the Complaint Form or directly call us to inform.  





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