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NEW AND EMERGING MEDIA OUTLINE/ PROJECT  REQUIREMENTS Submit a one-page outline that highlights

Due date: Friday March 19 at 11:59PM


  • Submit a one-page outline that highlights a new PODCAST format that you are creating.
  • Include the following in your introduction:
  • Name of Podcast
  • Host name
  • Number of episodes, dates it will run 
  • Short description and a picture or logo that identifies the Podcast.
  • A sample description of Episode 1 in your podcast.
  • List any social media components that you will use to launch and promote the Podcast.


Podcast title: THROUGH  THE LENSE  

Host name: Maggie

“Through the Lense”  is hosted by media executive Maggie Salas- Her career  spans two decades in local, national and international media organizations. In this format the conversation turns to all those things, people and situations that happen all around us and in and outside the media. The show explores little known facts and stories about its guests.

Guests will include:  Journalists, bloggers, activists, celebrities, local community leaders, elected officials and newsmakers. “Through the Lense” will address the ongoing topical news of the week with Maggie’s closing comments each week on the podcast’s topics and guests.

Episode 1: "When you’re the headline"

Nationally renowned Anchor Jane Doe joins the podcast to discuss how she’s handled over the years  being the headline instead of delivering the headlines. We hear about her striving career and what brought it to a halt, her personal struggles in public and private. Jane shares the role of spirituality  in the face of crisis and change. An uplifting conversation about the detours and dead ends that we chose or that life suddenly imposes and how to get back on track .

Number of Episodes: The podcast will feature a total  of 8 episodes beginning- *Monday- November 9 through Monday- Dec. 21.

Social promotion: Promoted weekly on  Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

It is available via Apple Podcasts.

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