Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Engineering experience Describe your level of experience in Python, and how you have attained it. Describe your experience with SQL and relational data modeling, and summa -

Engineering experience Describe your level of experience in Python, and how you have attained it. Describe your experience with SQL and relational data modeling, and summa


Engineering experience

  • Describe your level of experience in Python, and how you have attained it.
  • Describe your experience with SQL and relational data modeling, and summarize your learning with large-scale database backed applications.
  • Describe a case where it was very difficult to test code you were writing, but you found a reliable way to do it.
  • What kinds of software projects have you worked on before? Which operating systems, development environments, languages, databases?
  • Would you describe yourself as a high quality coder? Why?
  • Would you describe yourself as an architect of resilient software? If so, why, and in which sorts of applications?
  • Outline your thoughts on open source software development. What is important to get right in open source projects? What open source projects have you worked on? Have you been an open source maintainer, on which projects, and what was your role?
  • Describe your experience building large systems with many services – web front ends, REST APIs, data stores, event processing and other kinds of integration between components. What are the key things to think about in regard to architecture, maintainability, and reliability in these large systems?
  • How comprehensive would you say your knowledge of a Linux distribution is, from the kernel up? How familiar are you with low-level system architecture, runtimes and Linux distro packaging? How have you gained this knowledge?
  • Describe your experience with large-scale IT operations, SAAS, or other running services, in a devops or IS or system administration capacity
  • Describe your experience with public cloud based operations – how well do you understand large-scale public cloud estate management and developer experience?
  • Outline your thoughts on quality in software development. What practices are most effective to drive improvements in quality?
  • Outline your thoughts on documentation in large software projects. What practices should teams follow? What are great examples of open source docs?
  • Outline your thoughts on user experience, usability and design in software. How do you deliver outstanding user experience?
  • Outline your thoughts on performance in software engineering. How do you ensure that your product is fast?
  • Outline your thoughts on security in software engineering. How do you influence your colleagues to improve their security posture and awareness?
  • Outline your thoughts on devops and devsecops. Which practices are effective, and which are overrated?


  • In high school, how did you rank competitively in maths and hard sciences? Which was your strongest?
  • In high school, how did you rank competitively in languages and the arts? Which was your strongest?
  • What sort of high school student were you? Outside of class, what were your interests and hobbies?  What would your high school peers remember you for, if we asked them?
  • Which university and degree did you choose? What others did you consider, and why did you select that one?
  • At university, did you do particularly well at any area of your degree?
  • Overall, what was your degree result and how did that reflect on your ability?
  • In high school and university, what did you achieve that was exceptional?
  • What leadership roles did you take on during your education?


  • Outline your thoughts on the mission of Canonical. What is it about the company's purpose and goals which is most appealing to you? What do you see as risky or unappealing?
  • Who are Canonical's key competitors, and how should Canonical set about winning?
  • Why do you most want to work for Canonical?
  • What would you most want to change about Canonical?
  • What gets you most excited about this role?
  • How does your background and experience make you suitable for this role in the Store team?

Mahesh Babu

Python Developer

+1 (587) -997-7339

[email protected]

Professional Summary

· Python Developer with 4 plus years of professional experience in Design, Development, Implementation of Python, Django, Flask and client – server technologies-based applications, RESTful services, Azure, JAVA and SQL.

· Experience developing ETL processes using Spark framework in Scala & Python, applying business rules on the data and analyzing the loaded data using Scala , Spark SQL, PySpark, Python.

· Good knowledge in processing data using in-memory computing capabilities like Apache Spark written in Python/Scala.

· Worked on implementing an Enterprise Data Lake, which includes File validation, Data profiling, Data Quality check and provisioning Data to user workspaces.

· Experience in using search engine frameworks like Solr and Elastic Search.

· Experience in working with various stages of Software Development Life Cycle ( SDLC), Software Testing Life Cycle ( STLC) and QA methodologies from project definition to post-deployment documentation.

· Experience with Design, code, debug operations, reporting, data analysis and Web Applications utilizing Python.

· Experience in implementing Object Oriented Python, Hash Tables ( Dictionaries) and Multithreading, Django, MYSQL, Exception Handling and Collections using Python.

· Experience in writing JSON, REST APIs using Python.

· Experience in developing Web Services with Python programming language – implementing JSON based RESTful and XML based SOAP web services.

· Experience in using Design Patterns such as MVC, Singleton and frameworks such as DJANGO, Ability in handling Django ORM (Object-Relational Mapper) and SQL Alchemy.

· Proficient in Python Open Stack API'S and GUI framework – Pyjamas (for web).

· Exposure in various Python Integrated Development Environments like PyCharm, Spyder, and Sublime Text.

· Experience in Python Development and Scientific Programming and using NumPy and Pandas in Python for Data Manipulation.

· Experience in Bash Shell Scripting, SQL and Java.

· Experience with containerizing applications using Docker.

· Experience in maintaining and executing build scripts to automate development and production builds.

· Experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform like EC2, Virtual private clouds (VPCs), Storage models ( EBS, S3, instance storage), Elastic Load Balancers (ELBs).

· Experience with Unit testing/ Test driven Development (TDD), Load Testing.

· Extensive experience in developing applications by implementation of web based and client/server applications using HTML, Angular JS, Node JS, CSS, JavaScript, and various Java/J2EE technologies.

· Hands-on experience working with various Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle & non- relational databases (NoSQL) like MongoDB and Cassandra.

· Good Experience on testing tools like JIRA and Bugzilla for bug tracking.

· Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, efficient time management and organization skills, ability to handle multiple tasks and work well in a team environment.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages

Python, C, Java, SQL.

Web technologies

HTML, CSS, XHTML, Java Script, jQuery, AJAX, XML, JSON.


Web logic, Apache Tomcat, NGINX.


MySQL, PLSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.

Python WebFrameworks

Django, Flask, web2Py.

Python Libraries

Requests, Pandas, Numpy, scikit-learn, Scrapy, Pillow, SQL Alchemy, BeatifulSoup, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, nltk, Ray.

Development IDE

PyCharm, Pydev Eclipse, Net beans, VS Code, Jupyter, Sublime Text, Notepad++.

Operating Systems

Linux, Windows, Vista/XP, Mac.

Web Services


Version Control

Git-Hub, Sub Version.


Agile, Scrum, Waterfall.


Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Andhra University, India.

Master of Science in Information Technology Management from Campbellsville University, Kentucky, USA.

Masters in information systems from the Concordia University of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Azure Certified Data Learning Path

Hacker Rank Certified SQL – Intermediate

Project Experience

Client: Royal Bank of Canada, Calgary July 2022 – Present

Role: Data Engineer / Python Developer

Roles and Responsibilities:

· Analyzed and gathered business requirements specifications by interacting with client and understanding business requirement specification documents.

· Developed PySpark Databricks Notebook to process and apply business logic to generate scorecards.

· Worked on Automate different workflows, which are initiated manually with Python scripts and UNIX shell scripting.

· Worked on Create, activate and program in Anaconda environment.

· Worked on Python unit and functional testing modules such as unit test, unittest2, mock, and custom frameworks in-line with Agile Software Development methodologies.

· Developed module to build Django ORM queries that can pre-load data to greatly reduce the number of databases queries needed to retrieve the same amount of data.

· Worked on Python Django forms to record data of online users and used Pytest for writing test cases.

· Worked on various capacity planning reports (graphical) using Python packages like Numpy, Matplotlib.

· Worked on analyzing various logs that are generating and predicting/forecasting the next occurrence of event with various Python libraries.

· Developed views and templates with Django view controller and template Language to create a user-friendly website interface.

· Worked on developing entire frontend and backend modules using Python on Django Web Framework.

· Worked on Pandas as API to put the data as time series and tabular format for manipulation and retrieval of data.

· Analyzed Format data using Machine Learning algorithm by Python Scikit-Learn.

· Developed remote integration with third party platforms by using RESTful web services and Successful implementation of Apache Spark and Spark Streaming applications for large scale data.

· Built various graphs for business decision making using Python mat plotlib library.

· Worked on python, Jupyter, Scientific computing stack ( NumPy, SciPy, pandas and Matplotlib).

· Involved in the Web/Application development using Python, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JSON and JQuery.

· Managed code versioning with GitHub, Bit Bucket and deployment to staging and production servers and implement MVC architecture in developing the web application with the help of Django framework.

· Worked on Celery as task queue and RabbitMQ, Redis as messaging broker to execute asynchronous tasks.

· Develop and tested many features for dashboard using Python, Java, Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery.

· Extensively worked on clean data and processed third party spending data into manoeuvrable deliverables within specific format with Excel macros and python libraries such as NumPy, SQLAlchemy and Matplotlib.

· Performed troubleshooting, fixed and deployed many Python bug fixes of the two main applications that were a main source of data for both customers and internal customer service team.

· Worked on Scraping website using Python Beautiful Soup, and then parsed it with XML.

· Worked on Python scripts to parse JSON documents and load the data in database.

· Developed single page application by using Angular JS backed by MongoDB and NodeJS.

· Design and maintain databases using Python and developed Python based API ( RESTful Web Service) using Flask, SQL Alchemy and PostgreSQL.

· Design and manage API system deployment using fast http server and Amazon AWS architecture.

· Involved in development of Web Services using SOAP for sending and getting data from the external interface in the XML format.

Environment: Python, Django, HTML5/CSS, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, MySQL, JavaScript, Jupyter Notebook, VIM, PyCharm, Shell Scripting, Angular.JS, JIRA.

Client: Warner Music Group, New York Jan 2016 – 2019 Aug

Role: Python Developer

Roles and Responsibilities

· Performed Data ingestion, Batch Processing, Data Extraction, Transformation, Loading and Real-Time Streaming using Hadoop Frameworks.

· Worked on the project from gather requirement developing the entire application, with help from other analyst. 

· Responsible for gathering requirements, system analysis, design, development, testing and deployment. 

· Generated Python Django Forms to Record data of users. 

· Worked on Django configuration to manage URLs and application parameters. 

· Worked on Python and Django creating graphics, XML processing, data exchange and business logic implementation.

· Worked on the Django Framework to develop the application and build all database mapping classes using Django models. 

· Developed and implemented the user registration and login feature for the application process by extending Django user model. 

· Worked on developing internal testing tools which were written in Python.

· Worked on Python scripts to parse XML, CSV and text files and load the data into AWS.

· Developed entire frontend and backend modules using Python on Django Web Framework. 

· Developed Business Logic using Python on Django Web Framework. 

· Developed views and templates with Python and Django's view controller and templating language.

· Worked on PyQT for the functionality filtering of columns to effectively view transactions and statements. Implemented navigation rules for the application and page. 

· Developed internal auxiliary web apps using Python Django framework with Angular.js and CSS3/HTML5 framework. 

· Worked with JSON based REST Web services and Amazon Web services (AWS). 

· Worked on Jenkins for continuous integration services and used Panda’s library for statistical Analysis. 

· Created a user-friendly website interface Used PyQuery for selecting particular DOM elements when parsing HTML. 

· Involved in developing web applications and implementing Model View Control (MVC) architecture using server-side applications like Django and Django. 

· Worked on Python and Django to interface with the jQuery UI and manage the storage and deletion of content. 

· Involved in AJAX driven application by invoking web services/API and parsing the JSON response. 

· Worked on PyUnit, the Python unit test framework, for all Python applications. 

· Set up rules and policies with a Node.js/ Python back end. 

· Developed complex web, middleware, and back end systems in Python, SQL for Linux and Windows. 

· Interfacing with supervisors, artists, systems administrators and production to ensure production deadlines are met.

· Involved in designing database Model, API's, Views using python to build an interactive web based solution.

· Generated Python Django Forms to record data of online users.

· Implemented Data tables to add, delete, update and display patient records and policy information using PyQT.

· Implemented a module to connect and view the status of an Apache Cassandra instance using python.

· Developed MVC prototype replacement of current product with Django.

· Improved the Data Security and generated reports efficiently by caching and reusing data.

· Created UI using JavaScript and HTML5/CSS3.

· Managed datasets using Panda data frames and MYSQL. Queried the database queries using Python-MySQL connector and retrieved information using MySQL DB.

· Worked on NLTK and StanfordNLP to process text data and created offline intelligence.

· Worked on AWS for application deployment and configuration.

· Worked on JavaScript and JSON to update a portion of a webpage.

· Develop consumer based features using Django, HTML and Test Driven Development ( TDD).

· Developed Python web services for processing JSON and interfacing with the Data layer.

· Increased the speed of pre-existing search indexes through Django ORM optimizations.

· Installed Hadoop, Map Reduce, HDFS, and AWS and developed multiple Map Reduce jobs in PIG and Hive for data cleaning and pre-processing.

· Manage datasets using Panda data frames and MySQL, queried MYSQL database queries from python using Python-MySQL connector and MySQL dB package to retrieve information.

· Worked on Test case Scripts and modified the selenium scripts and executed in Selenium environment.

· Worked on migration from the old server to Jira database ( Matching Fields) with Python scripts for transferring and verifying the information.

Environment: Python, Django, AWS, Pandas, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular.JS, Jenkins, PyUnit, PyQT, AJAX, JQuery, DOM, JSON, Node.JS, REST, SQL, LINUX and Windows.

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