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Jeddah Institute for Women Empowerment Methods & Budget Paper

Arizona State Jeddah Institute for Women Empowerment Methods & Budget Paper
Please complete the methods and budget sections of the grant proposal I’ve created for funding an institution providing workshops and courses for women. (cooking/ sewing/ Photoshop skills/ learning make up/ thermal printing/ photographing/ business development and management). There are levels of each course, and they are provided in the weekend for 4 hours using the non-profit organization that is requesting the fund.
The fundamental objectives for Jeddah Institute for Women’s Empowerment will employ the methods as outlined below. These methods have been proven successful as they are the same methods used to implement and launch one of our programs, Nafisa Shams Academy, which is located in Jeddah’s suburb. JIWE will be in the city center and is greater in its capacity.
JIWE program manager will
The program manager will recruit a part-time front desk agent and an accountant.
JIWE program director will recruit, interview, and select instructors or coaches for each course.”
*Methods: follow the examples I’ve provided, but adjust and edit to correspond with my program. It should be in narrative and chart and associated with timeline and the budget (you can create).
* Budget: create the budget for the following items. It should be in chart and in narrative (see the example, rely on your imagination).
Direct cost: salary for coaches/ equipment/ administrators/ maintenance.
Indirect: utility
Revenue: I can not think of one as this is for free for low-income unemployed women. Please help
(Pleas start directly unless you have a question otherwise do not ask if I have something to say before start)

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