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Module 3 – CTE in Land-Grant

Learning Module 3 – CTE in Land-Grant Institutions
Goals for this module include evaluating the impact of land-grand learning institutions on CTE. You will be able to:
1.Synthesize 1st Morrill Act
2.Analyze 2nd Morrill Act
3.Critique Smith-Lever Act
4.Describe purpose of Tribal Colleges
Post your reflective commentary for Chapter 3 “Impact of Land-Grant Institutions on Career and Technical Education”. Use the same two-part guidelines that you have used for previous reflective commentaries.
Part 1 is to focus on one or two points of particular interest (i.e., something that caught your attention, caused you to reconsider something, or clarified something you did not understand previously). Here, “reflective” is referring to a habit of mind that questions why, what, and how one goes about doing what one does, with an eye toward making “what is,” better. It is a reflective critique of what has been learned and/or observed. As teachers, we all need to reflect on what we do and why we do it. Reflection is a vital part of improving instruction and learning. Part 2 is to focus on application; that is, on how the session materials can be put to use in “your” classroom or situation. Again, this is a reflective process looking for ways of applying what has been learned. The commentary is due within the week following the given session. Students are expected to engage in online discussions of the commentaries.

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