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Physical Development – The Emergence of Emerging Adulthood

Harvard University Physical Development Paper
1. Read text Chapter 9 (Physical Development: The Emergence of Emerging Adulthood) and Chapter 10 (Emotional and Social Development: Intimacy versus Isolation). Watch the video about Erikson’s Intimacy vs. Isolation stage (see Module 3 Resources).
2. Search the internet for information about Emerging Adults (sometimes called Twixters). After doing some research, tell when you think adulthood REALLY begins. When did it began for you and why? What do you think about this whole idea of “emerging” adults rather than adulthood when one turns 18? Or 21? What are some of the obstacles today that seem to get in the way of independent adulthood? In your opinion, how can parents and other adults help their young people achieve responsible adulthood? What is NOT helpful, in your opinion and experience?

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