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Psychology Essay – The disorder: Generalized anxiety disorder

Santa Monica College Psychology Essay
You will interview 5 individuals from diverse backgrounds and present your findings in class. When you interview these 5 individuals, you will explore what they know and/or have heard about the disorder you selected at random( GENERALIZED ANXIETY DISORDER) . Before you interview your interviewees, part of this assignment is to have at least 10 questions prepared to ask interviewees. (You are Not To use academic journals, clinical journals, etc.)
Questions can include:
What do you know about X disorder?
Do you know of any treatment options for X disorder?
Have you ever met or seen anyone with X disorder? What stood out to you about them?
You will explore your interviewee’s opinions, attitudes, and knowledge regarding the disorder. Your job is to find current information regarding this disorder and current treatment options from people you know and trust. These 5 individuals will be your only source of information for this assignment. The purpose is not to write a research paper based on the latest information in the field (which will be another assignment), but rather to assess what information is generally known to the public.

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