Chat with us, powered by LiveChat For the graded project, youll create a web page from scratch for John ?Rucker, who wants to open a new steakhouse. Youll use many of the HTML ?and CSS elements youve lea -

For the graded project, youll create a web page from scratch for John ?Rucker, who wants to open a new steakhouse. Youll use many of the HTML ?and CSS elements youve lea

 For the graded project, you’ll create a web page from scratch for John  Rucker, who wants to open a new steakhouse. You’ll use many of the HTML  and CSS elements you’ve learned. Create the main page by following each  step and add each of the presentation elements as instructed 


Download these file images. 


John Rucker, the owner of Rucker’s in Scottsdale, Arizona,  asks you to create a web page for his restaurant. He wants his  customers to be able to view photos of the menu, pricing information,  and atmosphere they can expect when they visit the restaurant. He wants  you to link this page to a web form where customers can make a  reservation. He also wants to monitor visitor activity, such as how long  visitors view a page and how many visitors come to the site daily.  Follow the instructions below to create this website for Rucker’s.

  1. Open a text editor, such as Windows Notepad.
  2. Use the following lines of code to begin writing your document as shown below:
  3. Once you start with this small block of code, open a web browser to view how it looks.
  4. Change the color and positioning of your heading by: 
    1. Centering the heading
    2. Changing the font color to red
    3. Changing the font face to Arial, Helvetica, or Sans Serif
  5. Save changes and view again in your browser.
  6. Below the heading, add the following text: “The best steak in Scottsdale!” Be sure to format this text as 
    1. Heading 2
    2. Italicized
    3. Centered
  7. Below this heading add the following address information as paragraph text:
    555 Mountainview Ave.
    Scottsdale, AZ 85260
  8. (602) 789-5672
  9. Make sure to center the text.
  10. Add the following greeting below the address and make sure to center:

Welcome to Rucker’s, which has been voted Best Steakhouse  in Scottsdale four years running! At Rucker’s you can enjoy a quality  steak, amazing wine, and a quiet atmosphere in a mountain-themed  restaurant. Rucker’s has been a tradition in Scottsdale since 1975 and  is an amazing place to dine.


Create a separate page for the menu, specials, and gift  cards. Create a form on the main page for customers to make an online  reservation. Within this form include selection boxes for customers to  choose a month, date, time (include AM and PM), and year for their  reservation. Keep in mind Rucker’s is open seven days a week from 11 AM  to 10 PM Monday through Saturday and 12 PM through 8 PM on Sunday.

Requirements for Page Links

  • Place the phone number in the upper right-hand header of each page.
  • Include the following email address in a “contact us” link on each page: [email protected]
  • Make sure all links to other pages on the site work and contain a link back to the homepage for Rucker’s.

Special Photo Instructions

In addition to the stock photos provided for this  assignment, find appropriate background images to use on each page that  match the site and provide relevant material for a steak restaurant.  Create a table to display photos of the various dishes Rucker’s has to  offer.

Make sure to save all photos you use for your web page so  you can submit them with the rest of your final assignment documents.  You can use the photos provided for this assignment or find your own. If  you find other pictures to use, be aware of copyright protection; make  sure you use stock photos that aren’t copyright protected.

Save each of your .htm files with appropriate names, such as onlineorderform.htm, menu.htm, and specials.htm.

Menu Pages

John Rucker desires a main page with two separate  subpages—one for his beer and wine list and the other for his shorter  dessert list. For the main menu page, include a stock photo of some of  the menu items; it isn’t necessary to include a photo of every item on  the menu. Make sure the menu includes a list of various dishes and  appropriate pricing for an upper-class steakhouse. He has daily featured  meals with special pricing. Rucker’s sells various steak dinners  (T-bone, Porterhouse, Sirloin, and so on), grilled chicken, fish, and  salads. Make sure the specials.htm shows feature meals and special  pricing.

John Rucker takes pride in his Arizona crafted beer and  wine collection. Please be sure to highlight Arizona Stronghold’s Merlot  and Four Peak’s Hop Knot, as these are his favorites. His dessert list  contains four sweet treats. This list usually contains a chocolate treat  (like a lava cake), a regionally inspired treat (like a prickly pear  sundae), a seasonal pie, and a special monthly dessert called the Chef’s  Creation. Make sure these separate pages are linked from the main menu  page and go back to it.

Order Online Page

Create an Order Online page with a form for customers to fill out. Include appropriate size boxes for the following:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Credit card number
  • Credit card expiration date (with a selection box for the month and one for the year)
  • CSV number on the back of the card
  • Desired pickup time (a selection box with half-hour increments within the parameters of business hours)

You may reuse some of the same code on each page as long  as it’s relevant and matches, so you don’t have to spend additional time  retyping reused code.

About Us Page

Create an About Us page with a brief bio and history for  Rucker’s. Feel free to enter your text, making sure to remember that  Rucker’s is a quiet, family-friendly restaurant with a professional  waitstaff. Rucker’s was founded in 1975. Create a brief backstory for  Rucker’s.


For this project, you must demonstrate proficiency in each of the following areas you learned about in class:

  • Heading
  • Paragraph
  • Ordered or unordered list
  • Character formatting element
  • Inline images
  • Horizontal line
  • Special character
  • Block-level element that isn’t a heading, paragraph, list, or horizontal line
  • Two examples of an inline style
  • Appropriate contrast, hue, and brightness of all boxes
  • Boxes with appropriate border image, shadow, and/or rounded corners
  • Tables with appropriate cell margins and spacing
  • Bullet lists when appropriate with different point styles from pages 333‒334 of your text
  • Form or forms with the following attributes where appropriate:
    • Text input (sized appropriately)
    • Text area
    • Select boxes
    • Radio buttons (can use if a dish offers chicken or beef, for example)
    • Checkboxes
  • Use proper XHTML and CSS syntax at all times.
  • Close all two-sided tags, properly nest all tags within your code, and use appropriate comments within your code.
  • Enclose all attribute values in quotes.
  • Include alternate text for nongraphical browsers with inline images.
  • Write your code so that it will be easy to read and understand; don’t get sloppy with your code.
  • Constantly save your files.

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