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Informative Presentation Outline Template


Make sure you follow all directions. Your video should follow the content organization of your informative outline. Each presentation must be accompanied by a visual slideshow created by PowerPoint. The rule of thumb for slides is approximately one per minute of your presentation. Your slides should not appear behind you; rather, attach the file to the post along with your video. In addition, they will be also uploaded into the Week 5: Informative Video Assignment as a separate file. Upload your slides at the paperclip- make sure they are not in pdf mode.  Keep your slides simple with less text; do not write out your script/outline on your slides.

  • Speak for approximately 3-4 minutes- no longer than 5 (not less than 3) 

                  (Instead write content for me to follow to make the video)

  • Use informative organization to explain, demonstrate, and analyze your topic
  • Provide credible data for each element you analyze; provide examples- personal stories
  • Provide a PowerPoint slide file that accompanies your speech use your hands and facial expressions for emphasis; maintain eye contact. Rule of thumb: one slide per minute.

  • Follow the format of your final informative outline and make all of the noted changes.

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Informative Presentation Outline

General Purpose: To inform the audience about a philanthropy.

Specific Purpose: As a result of this presentation, the audience will learn about my favorite philanthropy and understand why I chose it.

I. Introduction

A. Professional greeting

1. A. Name is ……, a full-time student at …. majoring in Finance.

2. Worked at Panera as a shift supervisor and spent the past year working with Grand Alliance where my recent role is an assistant manager.

B. Attention step 1. According to Huecker and Smock (2022), 10 million Americans experience family and domestic abuse each year. 2. 1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men endure severe intimate partner violence, sexual abuse or stalking.

C. Purpose and preview 1. To share with my audience about my favorite philanthropy, "The Joyful Hearts Foundation." 2. Joyful Heart Foundation support sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse survivors. 3. Providing background information on The Joyful Hearts Foundation, share personal connection, and recount meaningful experience.

II. Supports

1. Background and Mission

a. Founded by Mariska Hargitay, known for her role as Detective Olivia Benson on Law & Order: SVU (Joyful Heart Foundation, 2021).

b. Mission: To reduce sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse 2.

a. Survivor Retreats: Holistic healing programs for survivors, integrating therapies b. Heal the Healers: Addressing vicarious trauma experienced by professionals working with survivors.

B. Reasons of choice

1. Personal Connection

a. Inspired by Mariska Hargitay's dedication to advocating for survivors. i. Mariska's commitment deeply touched me.

ii. Marika’s involvement in education and awareness campaigns show me passion.

Michelle Migdal
if you have a 1 you need a 2

Michelle Migdal
This preview should be a list of the topics you will cover in this piece; it is your agenda.

Michelle Migdal

Michelle Migdal

Michelle Migdal

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b. The foundation's mission aligns with my belief in violence and abuse prevention. i. I share the vision of a world free from these issues. ii. Appreciate the foundation's holistic approach to healing and prevention.

C. Personal Experience

1. Attended their survivor retreat and witnessed the positive impact.

2. Interaction with survivors reinforced my belief in the foundation's mission.

III. Conclusion

A. The Joyful Hearts Foundation is a beacon of hope for survivors and a testament to compassion and commitment.

B. Consider potential impact made through philanthropy and strive to create a better future.

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memorable take away missing

Michelle Migdal
can you provide a specific example?

Informative Presentation Outline Template/Page 3 of 3

III. References

Huecker, M., & Smock, W. (2022). Domestic Violence.; StatPearls Publishing.

Joyful Heart Foundation. (2021). About Joyful Heart Foundation.

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