Chat with us, powered by LiveChat What is the difference between a criterion referenced test and a norm referenced test (be sure to use references) and provided one example of each?cx -

What is the difference between a criterion referenced test and a norm referenced test (be sure to use references) and provided one example of each?cx

Please answer each questions separately in a complete paragraph. Every question must be answered in complete sentences followed by a reference



What is the difference between a criterion referenced test and a norm referenced test (be sure to use references) and provided one example of each?


Select and embed a YouTube video of your choice into the discussion that illustrates communication relative to the impact of a hazard.  Provide your assessment of the video's meeting of any of the 'five critical assumptions for a successful communications strategy' as provided in your course materials.

· Which of those critical assumptions that were evidenced, could have been better emphasized or applied? Of those critical assumptions not addressed, which one other assumption might you recommend should have been addressed?

Part 2:

Go through the EDMG321 Social Media Set-up Instructions Student.docx


Explain the difference between personal and professional ethics, and how your personal and professional responsibilities may or may not impact your ethics. Focus your professional ethics on your chosen sport profession (e.g., physical therapist, coach, administrator, fitness trainer), and be sure to provide information regarding how the two sets of ethics do or do not impact each other.


create and embed an infographic that compares and contrasts pedagogy and andragogy. Explain what aspects are similar, overlap, and differ. Then analyze what you think is most important in planning instruction for adult learners and explain why.


Consider the same topic you chose for Discussion 5(work and family), and present an argument for the opposite side.


1. Attorney representation is not typically required in ADR proceedings, but it is often recommended so that each party's interests are adequately defended. Yet, some of the key advantages to ADR over traditional litigation are simplicity and efficiency. Do you think that attorney representation in ADR helps or hurts? Why or why not?

2. One of the challenges discussed in this week's lesson is that of emotion, pride, and ego impeding the ADR process. These factors are obviously present whether disputants are pursuing ADR or traditional litigation. Do you think they are more or less problematic in ADR? Do you think they are harder or easier to overcome in ADR? Explain your answers.


Week Two: Our Control of Energy

As our Psychological Skills Training journey continues in week two, we look at how performers cope under pressure, including, strategies to help release and control tension, and help individuals to overcome stress and anxiety. This includes, stress reduction techniques to help overcome anxiety producing situations and/or events.       


Q8    Differentiate between the terms Stress, anxiety, and arousal. Describe how you could use Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Systematic Desensitization to assist an individual's learning and performance. In your description, apply the terms detachment, learned helplessness, Composure, and explain how these concepts are relevant to this discussion.


Select a company you have worked for (foodlion grocery store) or research a publicly traded company and share the SWOT that you see impacts this company. What seems to work well for this company, and what doesn't work?


There are many types of research methods depending on your industry, position, and research goals. One area of focus is loyalty and collecting research to understand loyalty best and increase it. 


In a competitive industry, it is essential to understand who you are marketing to, and then you can best create a loyalty program that speaks to this market. 




Research loyalty as it applies to your final paper topic in this course. Brainstorm how you will create loyalty for this new offering.




· Who is in the target market for your final marketing plan? Make sure to provide the rationale. 

· What type of research methods will help you to understand this market best?

· How will you obtain loyalty from this market?

· Briefly describe the competition in this industry and any loyalty efforts that the major competitors are using. 




Adrian, a fully qualified specialized registered nurse, is deaf. He relies upon an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter to communicate with hearing individuals in the workplace. Adrian applied for a job with Carmel Receiving and Trauma Center ("CRTC"), a large medical center that, with all its hubs and subsidiaries, grosses $1.3 billion annually. Net profits are in the millions. Adrian received a job offer, conditioned upon a health screening and clearance by CRTC's occupational health department. He was in fact cleared, but he notified CRTC that he needed an ASL interpreter as an accommodation for his hearing impairment.  The annual salary, including benefits, for his position was approximately $75,000. Upon investigation, CRTC calculated that the annual cost to CRTC for the ASL interpreter accommodation would be an additional $100,000; there was the need for a full time interpreter for Adrian, plus several situations where two ASL interpreters would be required.  In considering Adrian's request for accommodation, the hiring supervisor wrote in an email to her boss that the department's annual budget allocation could not  absorb the "excessive cost of the additional personnel" of ASL qualified interpreters "for this one nurse."  Based on the cost of the accommodation, CRTC immediately determined that the additional salary and overhead for the interpreters would be an "undue hardship," making the accommodation unreasonable.  Therefore, CRTC did not hire Adrian.   Did CRTC violate ADA?


1. Was CRTC within its legal rights under ADA to refuse the accommodation and thus not hire Adrian on the basis of undue hardship?  In considering this case, you should review: 

      (a) what is considered a "reasonable" accommodation under ADA including sample accommodations listed by ADA (42 U.S.C. § 12111(9) (2018)) and the EEOC (; and

      (c)  the definition and standard for employer "undue hardship"  (42 U.S.C. § 12111(10)(a) (2018)); and

      (d)  case law – what do the courts consider in determining if there is undue hardship?

2.  Are there ethical considerations involved in this case beyond what is required by the "letter of the law" and if so what are they?

Please support your thoughts and conclusions with reasoned analysis and your research. 


1. Discuss the evolution of policing in the United States (U.S.), specifically addressing the modern era of policing in the U.S.


What are some of the social turning points in the development of policing in the U.S.?


discuss/debate with your classmates your position pertaining to biological and psychological perspectives of explaining crime.


Define healthcare management. Describe the role of leadership in the dynamic context of healthcare organizations.


Compare and contrast intrinsic or extrinsic factors contributing to motivation

Interest groups often influence the policy market. Select a health-related interest group (local, state, national or international), provide an overview of the beliefs and explain how they have influenced a recent health policy.

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