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Final assignment for PHI 2010

Please take this opportunity to start thinking about your final assignment for PHI 2010. For your final assignment get ready to delve deeper into applied philosophy.  Please choose a disciplinary area that you could see yourself potentially working in one day (or that you would simply like to reflect on).  Some examples, though this list is not exhaustive, include: business, criminal justice, medicine, politics, art, psychology, education and academics. Next, pick one of the branches of philosophy (ethics, logic, epistemology, aesthetics, metaphysics) and using that branch discuss philosophy as an activity in your particular disciplinary area.  For example, I might write on explaining how logic can be applied in the field of psychology. 

For your proposal, please submit your work here (at least 250-300 words). Your proposal should emphasize the discipline and branch of philosophy you will be discussing.  Please be sure to explain the direction you plan to take with your assignment.  You should include at least 2 academic sources (in addition to our class text) that you plan to use. Please write a line or two stating the relevance/usefulness of each source.

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