Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Respond to ?2 students discussion using the rise Model Due Sunday September 16, 2023 by 11:00 pm Must Read Everything:? Reply to at least two classmate’s posts, applying the RISE Mod -

Respond to ?2 students discussion using the rise Model Due Sunday September 16, 2023 by 11:00 pm Must Read Everything:? Reply to at least two classmate’s posts, applying the RISE Mod

Respond to  2 students discussion using the rise Model

Due Sunday September 16, 2023 by 11:00 pm

Must Read Everything: 

Reply to at least two classmate’s posts, applying the RISE Model for Meaningful Feedback

I will also show an example below of how the response needs to be addressed.

Here's an example of how the response should look. Please don't copy it. 

The response to the classmate need to be just like this. 

Example Response (Response Needs to be writen just like the response below No copying)

RISE Feedback:

REFLECT: I concur with "Action plans should reflect the type of services that are needed and have an idea of the expected outcome of the services" because it is in line with Hatch and Hartline's intentional school counseling guidelines in regards to determining students needs.

INQUIRE: Can you further explain what "closing-the-gap action plans" are? 

SUGGEST: I encourage you to revisit Hatch and Hartline's MTMDSS tier interventions in order to add a citation that would illustrate your example on bullying prevention efforts. 

ELEVATE: What if you re-purposed "For example, after a needs assessment, the school is having problems with bullying" as "Following Trish Hatch's MTMDSS tier based interventions, if the school is having problems with bullying, after a needs assessment, we could… citation…"  for a more weighted argument?

ReferencesHatch, T., & Hartline, J. (2022). The use of data in school counseling: Hatching results (and so much more) for students, programs and the profession (2nd Ed.). Corwin.

****PLEASE RESPOND IN DEPTH***************************************************

Below are the two classmate discussion post that you will need to respond to


Classmate response 1- Alejandra

After speaking with the College and Career Planning Specialist at my internship site, I think that developing what are called "soft skills" is extremely important across all grade levels. Counselors can start addressing soft skill development as early as elementary school with social-emotional guidance lessons. I work predominantly with high school aged-students, many of whom are interested in working while they are still in school. When we sit them down to create resumes, though, many of them do not have prior job experience, but we tell them that it is okay. Chances are they have developed soft skills through other areas of their lives, such as familial responsibilities and attending school regularly. 

What are soft skills? According to Alison Doyle, "Soft skills are non-technical skills that relate to how you work. They include how you interact with colleagues, how you solve problems, and how you manage your work" (Doyle, 2022). Doyle lists the following as example soft skills:

  • Adaptability
  • Communication
  • Compromise
  • Creative thinking
  • Dependability
  • Leadership

We encourage students to think outside of the box to decide which soft skills they can list on their resume. According to the College and Career Planning Specialist, employers really value the most basic of soft skills, such as being able to simply look someone in the eye and communicate effectively. As I mentioned previously, counselors can start helping students develop soft skills as early as elementary school! Plus, starting in middle school, we can have students create mock resumes and choose their strongest soft skills. 


Doyle, A. (2022, October 9). What are soft skills?. The Balance.


Classmate Response 2- Marlene

Respond to the following prompt in the Career Development Tasks discussion forum by Wednesday: What career development tasks do you think are most important to help elementary, middle, and high school students address?

Planting the seeds for career development can spark interest for students that can go a long way. Some my foster clients have no passion for higher education, but when I go over reality of living, or have them attend a college visit, go over interest or talk about strengths or them giving back it plants little seeds as I like to call it for them to be inspired to even take just one college course, trade class, or pathway.

Elementary: I would do career days. Including public workers coming in to share their daily jobs. I would encourage field trip to local US mail, bakery, police station to inspire children of different job in community and how they work. For the littles, make sure there are different types of dress up they can choose from in the house area. A day for children to dress up as a career they are interested could also be beneficial. These opportunities can build conversation on careers and post education.  

Middle School: I would do multiple career days, monthly. Where we can have different profusions come in at lunch as events. I would do lessons on career paths while incorporating California This site allows counselors to set up students with an account that follows them till college. They can do intelligence test, which shows professions based on results, including jobs, salary, demand, and school needed. It even goes further into colleges they can apply to, cost, and financial aid. Finding profession interest and adding them to their profile is a great start

High school: Continue interest and strength test. Promote self awareness. I would continue with California colleges, by having them add the colleges they are interested in applying to. The site list the GPA needed and classes. I would go into detail in lessons on job markets, job field, and demand. Career day I would still need but at lunch. I would also do field trips to local colleges and job pathways. Keep students inform of career pathways with classes, such as taking the correct electives, AP, sciences, and college course to graduate with meeting the expectation they need to apply. 

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