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Module 1 assignment

Reflect on personal health behavior. Explain how each of the 8 factors listed in Chapter 1 might influence that behavior. Suggested length is 1 page, double-spaced. 

Module 2 class discussion

Reflect on the behavior from your Module 1 personal reflection. How would you attempt to change that behavior based on the Practical Framework? Discuss with classmates the factors influencing their behaviors and their approach based on the Framework. 

SOCW 6520 Assignment 1: Week 1 Blog

   SOCW 6520 Assignment 1: Week 1 Blog In this course, you will have 11 Blog Assignments in which you will first post your responses to blog prompts on social work field education experiences and then respond to three other colleagues regarding their blog...

Unit 8 Exam

  Take Test: Final Exam Test Information Description This exam will only cover Unit 8 materials! Please be sure to answer each question fully and include references to your textbook and at least 2 supplemental resources. Each...

Unit 8 DB: Applying Knowledge

Unit 8 DB: Applying KnowledgeMoving forward, how will you apply what you have learned in this course? Are there things you can apply to your personal life? Professional life? Future courses? What topics were most interesting to you?  ...

Carl Rogers

1.What does Rogers say about empathy ? (Write a summary in your own words 2. what is rogers definition of empathy, as stated in video ?